Real Estate Solutions

We are on a mission so that selling, renovating, or buying your home is simple, quick, and without worries.

If you are starting a family, you want to move, or you are in a life change, Rive is here to make the transition as simple as possible. Our team of experts, backed up with AI technology, ensure efficiency and peace of mind throughout every transaction.

  • Steven Aitkenhead
    Steven Aitkenhead


  • Jorge Caceres
    Jorge Caceres

    Chief of Staff

  • Iñaki Crespo
    Iñaki Crespo


  • Leticia de la Peña
    Leticia de la Peña


  • Gonzalo Puch
    Gonzalo Puch


  • Luis Fernandez
    Luis Fernandez

    Engineering Manager

  • Jesús Castillo
    Jesús Castillo

    Backend Developer

  • María Procopio
    María Procopio

    Finance Analyst

  • Barbara Lopes Silva
    Barbara Lopes Silva


  • Eva Vives
    Eva Vives

    Legal Manager

  • Juan Lario
    Juan Lario

    Legal Real Estate Specialist

  • Almudena García Del Riego
    Almudena García Del Riego

    Legal Property Management Assistant

  • Paloma Blanco-Argibay
    Paloma Blanco-Argibay

    Acquisitions and Sales Manager

  • Ana Couret
    Ana Couret

    Real Estate Acquisition Specialist

  • Sylvia Santos Cabrera
    Sylvia Santos Cabrera

    Real Estate Acquisition Specialist

  • Pedro Apalategui
    Pedro Apalategui

    Real Estate Sales Specialist

  • Gonzalo Perez
    Gonzalo Perez

    Acquisitions Manager

  • Carlota Galán Daries
    Carlota Galán Daries

    Renovation Project Manager

  • Laura Sabatini
    Laura Sabatini

    Renovation Project Manager